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Happy Seeds, Top Shelf Cannabis Genetics Seeds Strains with GUARANTEED Global Delivery to discerning adults 21+. Feminized Seeds are 100% stable and female. Happy Seeds strains are developed using modern analytics and growing conditions with Cup Winning, Rare Land Race and Exceptional Cannabis Genetics only.
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About Happy Seeds

Global Delivery, Premium Cannabis Seed Strains. GUARANTEED
Happy Seeds Company Toll Free 1.855.29.SEEDS or 1.855.297.3337


Premium Cannabis Seeds Genetics, Available World Wide via The Happy Seed Company.

Happy Seeds is dedicated to delivering Top Shelf  Cannabis Seed Strains to discerning growers and gardeners everywhere.

Happy Seeds helps take the guess work out of choosing the strains that are right for you, whether growing for recreational or medicinal reasons. We pride ourselves in knowing what we sell.  We don’t source our seeds from unknown suppliers.  All of the strains that Happy Seeds offers MUST fit the following criteria:


  • Easy to Grow
  • Rich in Resins & Terpines
  • Can be Grown Indoors (i.e. grow lights with average ceiling height)
  • Good Yields
  • Consistent Seed Offspring
  • 90%+ Germination Rates
  • 100% Stable Female Genetics (in Feminized Selections)

Happy Seeds knows how the strains we offer will grow best in a variety of potential growing conditions and situations.  We can also recommend with high certainty what kind of effects, aromas and tastes you can expect in your harvest–growers don’t have to roll the dice when they choose Happy Seeds.

For growers, by growers; always.



At Happy Seeds, we know what we sell. We can GUARANTEE the performance and quality of our Cannabis Seed Genetics because we have been involved in the development of your strain selection every step of the way.

Firstly, breeding stock is carefully chosen from Cup Winning Strains, Rare Land Race Genetics and other Exceptional Cannabis Specimens. From there, seeds are grown out in modern indoor growing facilities with tight controls—the chance of accidental or unknown pollination has been eliminated.

While we may start lots of seeds, very few plants will make the Final Cut and become Happy Seeds Strains.

At harvest, only the very best performers are selected for further evaluation, helping ensure that Happy Seeds plants will be BOTH productive and of the highest quality.

From these very special selections we use modern analytical techniques including mono gas chromatography testing to profile and determine which plants will be kept for their exceptional Cannabinoid (THC, CBD, etc) and Terpene profiles.

Finally, these plants are put into our programs for further breeding and development and are also made available as Feminized Cannabis Seeds, ensuring 100% Stable & Female plants that grow and perform consistently in YOUR garden and OURS.