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Happy Seeds makes it easy to pick Cannabis Seeds that will perform well in your garden and give you the qualities you desire in your harvest.
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About Selecting Cannabis Seed Strains

Selecting Cannabis Seed Strains

Get Happy Seeds for Happy Cannabis Plants

Selecting cannabis seed strains for medicinal or recreational is fun and rewarding, provided you are choosing the right strain  for the right situation. Fear Not! Happy Seeds LOVES & KNOWS growing and using cannabis and we have done a lot of the work for you in terms of the selection process for growing your crops from seed or for selecting new mother plants from.

All of the cannabis seed strains we offer are easy to grow and productive–that’s part of our criteria in the cannabis genetics we call Happy Seeds Strains.  Naturally, selection for important criteria like Potency, Effects, Flavors and Aromas is a big part of what we also do in seelecting cannabis seed strains.

While browsing our seed strains you will see we discuss these characteristics, as related to each Happy Seeds strain, so you can select the specific qualities you desire; whether for good times or for therapeutic purposes

We also offer Grower Notes where we can in our Happy Seeds Strain Descriptions, these are very valuable details if you enjoy fine tuning your cannabis growing environment to maximize quality characteristics or have your sights set on serious production in selecting cannabis seed strains.

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